On The Outside

by Jona Overground

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released August 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Jona Overground London, UK

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Track Name: If You Were Free
If You Were Free

Like the sirens we hear as they're screaming by,
There are signs that we can't deny
But we're still trying to ignore.
We might say things are better the way they are,
There's no changing we've come too far,
But there's no knowing that for sure.

Don't let anyone tell you,
You can't be the way, the way that you want to be,
Leave your paper cage, and find your own destiny,
Think what you could do, if you were free.

What is it that is making us so afraid,
Holding on to these rules we made
As if our lives might fall apart.
Every dream has the power to realise,
Stretch our minds, open up our eyes,
And bring hope to our weary, heavy hearts.
Track Name: Spin Cycle
Spin cycle

Loving you is harder
Than trying to walk across the water.
You never try to please me,
You always pretend that you don't need me.

But I know in my heart,
That you don't know what you're do do doing do ya.

Well I can't keep on giving,
Cos it is a hellish way to be living.
The more I give you, the more you want
I aint never gonna fill ya.

But I know in my heart,
That you don't know what you're do do doing do ya.

And I can feel my head
spinning, spinning round,
I know that you're afraid
Of losing what you've found.

And you just can't believe
That anything so good,
Could come into your life
No reason why you should.

Loving you is harder
Than trying to walk across the water

I aint never gonna save ya
Track Name: Last Time I Saw You
Last Time I Saw You

Last time I saw you,
I wanted to tell you,
This time I'm all through,
So goodbye.

But you looked so downbeat,
Silent, staring at your feet,
And you wouldn't tell me why.

Would it have hurt you to call?
You left me feeling so small.

Last time I saw you,
I wanted to tell you,
That I'll always love you,
But goodbye.

Then my old friend 'Maybe',
Took the words away from me,
Saying give it one last try.

What is it we have become,
Angry and fearful?

Oh what have we done to our sweet love?
What have we done?
I hope that things will get better this time.

No need to tell me what's wrong,
Cos nothing changes.
Track Name: On The Outside
On the Outside

Look at you now,
Got your feet under the table,
Wondering how,
Always seemed unattainable.

Just like staring through a window,
At a cosy scene,
When you're standing on the doorstep,
On the outside looking in.

Look at you now,
Got your face under the bright lights,
Bringing the house down,
Knowing that it will be alright.

Can I ask you if you ever,
Get to wondering,
Who is standing in the darkness,
On the outside looking in?

Do you wonder what it's all about?
Do you wonder what it's all about?
Looking for a way out.

There may come a time when,
You are dreaming,
Of getting back into the shadows,
On the outside looking in.
Track Name: Caught In A Line
Caught In A Line

Wind blows on a lively scene,
She knows, told her everything.
Wasn't meant to find a meaning in all you say,
But darling, I found one anyway.

And Oh I'm caught in the meaning again,
Oh I'm caught in the line between lover and friend.

Wind blows all her life it seems,
Wind blowing on all her dreams.
There is no tomorrow, and there is no yesterday,
But darling, here's to them anyway.
Track Name: Let's Pretend
Let's Pretend

Nice try, but I think you know why,
There's no way for you and I,
It's a solution.
To much has been said that can not be unsaid,
And all I see,
Is pain and confusion.

Do you think that we could go away for the weekend,
Meet up after work and say, hey this is just an old friend,
Darling let's pretend

I never turned my back on you,
You never told me I was cruel,
I never wanted you to try again.
You never said what's done is done,
And called me every name under the sun,
When love is gone, it's gone,
And in the end
Darling let's pretend.

You say that you cannot see the day,
When I am not in some way,
Part of your life.
To me it all seems so unlikely,
And deep down you probably,
Know that I'm right.
Track Name: When Sorrows End
When Sorrows End

I need somewhere to lay me down,
I need something a gentle, soothing sound.
I need someone like you my friend,
'Cause sadness lingers, when sorrows end.

'Cause I had a mountain to climb,
And I took one step at a time,
And though I am glad to survive,
I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.

I've been to a dark and lonely place,
And anguish was marked on my face,
And now that my troubles have gone,
Still I feel battered and worn.
Track Name: My World, Your World
My World, Your World

Let me take you, won't you come into my world,
Won't you,
I can show you how life is in my world,
In my world.

You might find it hard to be in my world,
But you,
May discover there is something in my world
For you.

'Cause in my world there is kindness,
Someone comes when I call,
When I speak, someone listens,
And always tries to catch me when I fall.

Life has taught you not to trust in your world,
So you,
Count on no one to be there in your world
For you.

But in your world there is kindness,
I will come when you call,
When you speak, I will listen, listen,
and always try to catch you when you fall.

In my world
In your world
In my world
In your world
In my world
In your world
In my world
Track Name: Time For Games
Time For Games (Duet)

Now the time for games is through,
Think I know what we should do,
But my plan doesn't make sense to you.

No it doesn't work for me,
And it's really hard to see,
How on earth we can ever agree.

I want my way,
And I want mine,
We can't go on like this,
Fighting all the time.
Some things much change,
And we know why,
We can't go on like this,
'Cause we don't want to say goodbye.

Well I would like to call a truce,
But now your ego's on the loose,
I'd like to reason but there's just no use.

And you call me impossible,
It works both ways as I recall,
You say you love me, but won't move at all.
Track Name: Fallout

Think I know where you're coming from,
Even though I feel that it's wrong.
I can understand why you would
Think that moving on, would be so good.
Would be so good.

I've been hurt before, so I know
How it leaves you raw, and exposed.
I know all that you say is real,
But I don't think you know honey how you feel.

I see the danger, though you think
That you are fine.
She broke your heart but you don't mean
To play with mine.

So maybe tomorrow darling things will be different,
And you will know better what it is that your heart wants.
So after you're cried out,
And you've taken some time out,
We'll look at the fallout again my dear.